Specialized centres in the removal of lice and nits

Nº1 Franchise in International Centres

We are in 5 Countries and 4 Continents

No more lice. Treatment, prevention and maintenance of pediculosis. Without chemical products, suitable for any person. Assessment in prevention and maintenance treatments. Remove lice and nits for ever.

How to eliminate lice?


Totally Natural Treatment (we only use ecological products)


Lice and nits removal treatment in 90 minutes


We verify that the treatment has been completed


We verify 100% the elimination of lice and nits


Patented system of suction and special lance

Home Service

Personalized home service (Consult the franchise)

How do we do it?

In NOMORELICE we use the most innovative and harmless treatments to fight pediculosis.

All our centres have the necessary training and equipment to ensure the removal of lice and nits, providing a personalized service to each client.

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